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Helping you stand up for your rights

We have been helping our clients stand up for their rights for over 30 years. We are not a major law-firm, rather a family-owned business focused on your needs and your rights. Do not get lost in the mega firm shuffle.

After one phone consultation, we will be able to inform you whether or not you have a reasonable chance to obtain benefits. We are a highly skilled at fixing problems that may have arisen earlier in a claims process, but to avoid these problems, call us before you file.

We have the knowledge and experience to get your claim approved! We know exactly what the government is looking for.

Employing the latest technology to process claims digitally and directly with the government, we ensure as fast a result as possible.

WHAT NOW? Before consulting with us:

1. Call Social Security at your local social security field office or  800-772-1213 and ask for:

  • Your personal date last insured or "DLI", for social security benefits.
  • Your primary insurance amount or "PIA" for social security benefits.
  • Your family maximum, if you have children under the age of 18 years.

                                                                         BE SURE TO GET ALL THREE!

Having this information will make our initial phone conversation much more effective. If the social security worker cannot, or will not give you this information; hang up and call back until you speak with a representative who will give you this information to you. If they refuse, ask for a supervisor.

2. Call us at 877-717-0977 and let us handle your claim. We have years of experience in handling the government. Let us help you by putting our knowledge to work for you. The earlier you call, the better our chances. Also, to your benefit,  the earlier we win, the quicker we get paid and the fee is likely smaller.

Be warned. Most mega-firms deal in volume, not quality of service. Don't be a victim of advertising gimmicks claiming to be "the most successful" or "the most experienced". There is a good chance you will get lost in the shuffle. Many large firms will treat you like gold upon the initial phone consultation. Once you sign, chances are you'll be pushed to the bottom of the stack in favor of clients that can make the firm more money. Don't be a victim of this tactic. Call us today! In our office we use your name; at the mega firms you are just another number; in fact, that is how they store your file!