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The Social Security Disability Claim Process has always been complicated:

Recently, it has become more difficult, award rates have fallen. Legitimately disabled people are being denied the benefits they paid for and are entitled to!  Do Not Let This Happen To You! 

CALL TODAY - 877-717-0977
In the past, it was safe to handle the first step, the application, yourself. Today, it is not safe to handle your case from the beginning   A Social Security Applicant cannot trust the Social Security worker; they work for Social Security, not the Claimant, You.  You will likely answer questions without understanding the legal effect of your answer.  This can be fatal to your claim.  An example is the question "When did you last work?"  That sounds innocent enough, but really what the worker is asking is: "When did you last perform any work activity full-time, week in and week out, for more than three months in a row?"  This is just one example; there are many more.  A wrong answer could mean the loss of thousands of insurance benefits.    Today, the best time to get help with your claim is before you even file it!                                                         Do not lose your claim through misstatements and deceit.  Call us first.


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